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Paint What You See And Not What You Know Part I

For those of us working in two dimensions beginning artists are, typically, interested in realism; not always, but often.  (Abstract artists, bare with me.) Typically, most art classes for beginners teach painting by using still lives to “copy.”  There is … Continue reading

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Workshop Daze or How Three Days of Intensive Painting Can Really Make a Difference

I just completed teaching a three-day painting workshop with my good friend, fabulous painter, and wonderful teacher, William Rushton. The focus of the class was “The Figure in the Landscape,” which included a model in outdoor settings. So the students … Continue reading

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Why do you LOVE that painting?

          The Meaning Of Paint. What gives a painting soul? What makes one painting of a chair just a rendering and another an expression of the artist? Why do I like my painting of this apple … Continue reading

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