What’s a Webinar?


Melinda, Beckett and Toaster

If you’ve never participated in a Webinar, let me tell you they are really quite fun. Once you register for one, you get a link emailed to you. A few minutes before the webinar begins, click on the link and you will be led through a series of steps to join the event. At the designated time you will hear the host start talking and a screen, typically some kind of slide show, will appear on your computer!


This week I am hosting my Webinar about Open Studios on June 28th at 4 pm pdt and July 2nd at 9 am pdt.  I have lots of colorful slides with great visuals to both entertain and educate you about the ins and outs of hosting an Open Studios Event. (OK, this is kind of a shameless plug, which I promise not to do too often.)

Everyone who has taken this class has been truly happy with the information. I have something for everyone, beginners to experienced participants. I hope that you’ll join me, as I’d welcome your questions and input.

The link to the registration page is over on the right-hand column. I hope to “see” at the webinar!


p.s. Don’t worry, I can’t really see you, so it’s ok to participate in your jammies!  :-)











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5 Responses to What’s a Webinar?

  1. Jana Botkin says:

    I’m interested in your webinar but unavailable on July 2. Is this something we can view later? Or perhaps your book would be a close enough substitute for learning your methods. . .?

  2. Trisha Adams says:

    I got an email about your webinar from Xanadu. It mentions you are about to publish a book on the same topic, but I don’t see any information about the book list here. Can you give me further details?
    Trisha Adams

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